My Writings 

I love writing stories in the form of screenplays, novels and short-stories. Here are some samples:

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"Peace University"
Screenplay by H. E. Hernandez
Comedy 87 Pg. 
LOGLINE: “Peace University” is a raunchy comedy about a newly elected president, Peace Jones, who tries to save a cash-strapped university from itself.
The PDF is right here:
"The Borealis Express"
Screenplay by Ed Hernandez
Horror/Action 94 Pg. 
LOGLINE: A down on his luck truck driver reluctantly accepts a job hauling cargo across the Alaskan tundra, only to later find that the cargo is a danger to all of mankind.
The PDF is right here:
"The Red Flu"
Screenplay by Ed Hernandez
Horror/Action 99 Pg. 
LOGLINE: A computer hacker exposes a pharmaceutical company’s research that accidentally created a hybrid flu made out of vampire blood.
The PDF is right here:
Screenplay by Ed Hernandez
Sci-Fi/Action 111 Pg. 
LOGLINE: In the near future, a policeman struggling with PTSD stumbles upon a cyborg soldier and helps to expose a top-secret military project.
The PDF is right here:
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